African Australian Network Values:

To provide a greater care for all of those who are in need and those who have limited opportunities to exercise their ability to live happily and enjoy life in peace

To facilitate integration of all peoples regardless of racial background, physical or intellectual ability

To aim for a more cohesive Australia that enables immigrants to forget fear of prejudice and encourages them to enjoy opportunities and reach their potential with all possible support and become better Australian citizens

A commitment to alleviating poverty in our democratic society, the only system that encourages the respect of human need and provides equal care to all citizens

To improve the quality of life of our vulnerable elders and those who are disconnected from Australian society and who are unable to adapt to the new systems and environment

To ensure that no young person is at risk by providing appropriate counselling and advice to help them understand how they can benefit as members of Australian society

To educate the Australian public at large to change perceptions of stereotype and promote greater inter-cultural understanding and cohesion of society as a whole

To show respect for and an understanding of other cultures and diverse points of view demonstrating this in our daily work

To develop a global perspective that promotes social justice, education, health and food security on the African continent and in Australia