Membership form and support

Our organization is a national charity and, as an international NGO, we operate in Australia and other parts of the world. Our focus is on poverty and justice; we support a fair world where justice prevails. As a civil society organization, we practice democracy within our own decision making. With your help, we will be able to achieve our goals. Any gifts and financial support that you offer to AAN will be spent for the purposes you intended. “Your monies are absolutely tax deductible or tax free”.

African Australian Network limited  ( African Australian Network)
officer address:    5/44-56 Hampstead Rd. Maidstone, Victoria, 3012    
Postal address:    P.O.BOX 57 Sunshine, Victoria, 3020, Australia

Australian Business number  33 158 042 696

Australian security and investment commission (ASIC) number 158 042 696
International memberships and constitutional memberships is $100.00
Domestic constitutional  membership is only $10.00 per year
This part of the form is only for sponsorships to support schools in Africa.
Primary school sponsorship
Secondary school sponsorship
College sponsorship
University sponsorship
Post- graduate
$800.00 per term
$1500.00 per term
$1900.00 per term
$2500.00 per term
$2800.00 per term
Organizational support
Personal details  for membership or of the supporter for the African Australian Network

Please download and Print Membership Form

Membership Form
I certify that I have understood the conditions given in this form and I undertake to abide by them
as required and hereby confirm that the information given by me in this form is correct to the best
of my knowledge.