Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Children wash their hands in a communal outdoor sink that was installed as part of the African Australian Network project in the Eastern and South region of African that helps to provide clean and accessible water in schools and improve hygiene.
What is the challenge?
Access to safe drinking water and hygienic sanitation are vital for the survival and development of children and youth. In spite of decades of effort, nearly a billion people still lack access to potable water, and many more lack access to sanitation. Safe, reliable, potable water supplies and improved environmental sanitation services are vital for healthy development of children. Without them, millions of children are at risk of disease and death. When access to water is difficult or schools are without toilets, many children (especially girls) face increased burdens on their time and risks to their safety and education.
What are we striving to achieve?
To pursue this goal, African Australian Network supports community- and school-led efforts for improved and sustainable access to adequate supplies of potable water, as well as basic and improved environmental sanitation in the home, within the community and at school. African Australian Network seeks to improve hygiene practices, promote clean and safe environments, and increase the multiple use of water in domestic and productive ways.

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