Sexual Health and HIV

African youth participate in a HIV awareness role play.
What is the challenge?
The problems of sexual and reproductive health of children and youth, such as teenage pregnancy and HIV infection, are a consequence of the non-realization of sexual and reproductive rights, including the right to exercise a healthy and safe sexuality.

Almost 29 million people live with HIV. There are 2.4 million new cases every year, with almost half of these affecting those under the age of 25 who contracted HIV through unprotected sexual intercourse. The unequal distribution of power of boys and men over girls and women and entrenched beliefs about sexuality are major factors driving the spread of HIV. Around the world, the stigmatization of children living with, or affected by, HIV undermines their basic rights.
What are we striving to achieve?
African Australian Network supports quality reproductive and sexual health services for youth. African Australian Network also contributes to more effective policies and actions to promote, fulfil and protect the rights of children living in a world with HIV by focusing on children rather than on the virus or on the epidemic. This is being done by addressing the rights of children to protection from HIV; the rights of children to live with their family; the rights of families affected by HIV to social protection; and the rights of children affected by HIV to care and support.

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