Food Security

African Australian Network's agricultural training program in particular in Eastern African and South.
What is the challenge?
Poor households which lack sufficient resources to meet basic needs such as food, water, shelter or education put children at risk. When already vulnerable households experience ‘shocks’ – sudden price fluctuations, natural disasters, illness, or death – it causes further setbacks and exacerbates risks for children. Struggling for economic security, households and individuals may be forced to deploy strategies that have negative implications for children, like involvement in hazardous work.

With limited opportunities available to the one billion youth entering adulthood, special emphasis is necessary to support the transition from school into productive livelihoods.
What are we striving to achieve?
African Australian Network supports activities that help families to build income and assets, and develop resiliency to withstand economic shocks or disasters. African Australian Network facilitates access to appropriate sustainable financial services, as well as supporting children and youth to gain the knowledge and skills for sustainable livelihoods and wealth creation to break the cycle of poverty. African Australian Network also facilitates access to economic opportunities and tools to reduce risk and cope with shocks.

Our organization is a national charity and, as an international NGO, we operate in Australia and other parts of the world. Our focus is on poverty and justice; we support a fair world where justice prevails. As a civil society organization, we practice democracy Read more ...

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