African Australian Network Employment programs

Refugees face an extraordinary number of barriers whilst trying to access employment. Mainly, they are confronted with a lack of confidence to work. Refugees are sometimes confused with understanding Australian cultural expectations and values. In particular, it is important that they build very strong relations with employers to establish trust.

African Australian Network liaises with potential employers and assists with arranging work for unemployed migrants. AAN also assists with induction training.

African Australian Network aims to implement a program seeking employment for refugees by contacting employers door to door. AAN offers training to migrants in understanding expectations of employers.

African Australian Network will establish connections with big companies to develop a partnership in referring new arrivals (when they are ready to work) and offer training in becoming fully aware of the various policies and standards of that company.
Lack of understanding of OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) by newly arrived immigrants
African Australian Network will make safety a priority for newly arrived migrants to understand that all companies expect an environment free of hazards. The African Australian Network will provide excusive training before putting people to work. It will also give advice on the rules and regulations about OHS as described by state and federal governments

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