About us

African Australian Network was founded as “Network for Children in “Australia to help children whose lives were disrupted by the African Civil War.
  With the outbreak of the Civil war in Somalia, Sudan, Liberia, and many countries on the African continent, African Australian Network extended its work to include displaced children within war-torn eastern and western Africa, and Africa at large.
  With the need in Africa reduced, African Australian Network looked further afield for children who would benefit from its work. We gradually began working with deprived children throughout the African continent and became committed to promote assistance to all people in need.
  In 2007, Foster Parents African Australian Network of Australia (as we were known then) opened its doors. Starting with a small, but very motivated staff of five, African Australian Network has grown to be one of the largest child sponsorship organisations in Australia and encourages Australian people to help African Children directly.
  Foster Parents African Australian Network of Australia was renamed African Australian Network to reflect its aim of bringing constructive and lasting change to the lives of children in need all over the African continent, whatever their circumstances.
  African Australian Network is committed to making sure all African immigrants in Australia are participating economically through involvement in employment and education.
  African Australian Network is one of the largest aid and development organisations working in African countries and endeavours to reduce poverty, assist in promoting education, agriculture, water and sanitation in remote rural areas..